A growing number of research papers are being published on microbiome. In the wake of the rising interest in this field of study, experts from academia, research institutions, and the medical industry are in desperate need of a platform for diverse collaboration. In keeping with, and to extend, our extraordinary tradition, this year we are inviting a wider range of scholars and medical professionals to exchange the latest information in microbiome research. By bringing together the thoughts and opinions from academia, industry, and government the conference will seek to further development opportunities and innovative ideas for microbiome research in Taiwan.

About us & What we do

The largest microbiome conference in Taiwan

with over 500 people in attendance

Where academia, industry, and government converge

to promote diverse perspectives and knowledge sharing

World-renowned scholars gather to share insights into frontier microbiome research

Famous scholars from 6 major fields as keynote speakers and over 30 industry and academic heavyweights


Ming-Shiang Wu Distinguished Professor & Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
President, the Gastroenterological Society of Taiwan Secretary General, Taiwan Society of Internal Medicine
Deng-Chyang Wu Vice-president, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan
Yen-Hsuan Ni Dean, National Taiwan University, College of Medicine, Taiwan
Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics, National Taiwan University, College of Medicine, Taiwan
Sung-Liang Yu Professor, Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Biotechnology, NTU

Professor, Ins. Medical Device and Imaging, NTU

Professor, Department of Pathology, NTU

Professor, Grad. Ins. Clinical Medicine, NTU

ISO15189-certificated Pharmacogenomics Laboratory, NTU

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