The Asia Microbiome Conference was formerly known as the “Into the Future—Microbiome Forum” in 2016


“Hello! How has everyone been keeping up with the world of the microbiome?”


2016 and 2017 saw microbiome research explode in popularity. Research teams from around the world began to publish a variety of papers on the topic, marking the start of a new era of microbiome research. In keeping with the trend, we invited experts from industry, government, academia, research institutions, and the medical profession to participate in an even more diverse collaboration with a view to realizing interdisciplinary application of microbiome research.

It all started with the Microbiome Forum held in 2016, which provided microbiome researchers in Taiwan a communication platform. Year after year, researchers in this field have reported astounding findings, pushing this emerging trend to a whole new level. Through panel discussions at the two conferences, experts from various sectors were able to hear each other’s thoughts and feedback. The passion and momentum behind microbiome research needs to be properly maintained. As such, the Microbiome Conference Preparatory Committee was established to continue the tradition of driving microbiome R&D in Taiwan and remain competitive with the world. 

The first three conferences were held in 2016, 2018, and 2019 respectively, and as we welcome the year 2020, the fourth Asia Microbiome Conference is set to include six major topics: Microbiology, Tumor and Immunotherapy, Gastrointestinal Microbiota and Metabolism, Microbiome Development Trends, Young Scientist Summit, and Nutrition and Probiotics. More than 30 scholars and experts from academia and industry have been invited to share the latest developments in microbiome research. The grand event is expected to attract more than 500 people.


Microorganisms not only form colonies in the environment and human gastrointestinal tract, but also play an important role in a variety of human diseases and precision medicines. In addition, the effectiveness of medical treatment on individuals is also governed by microbiomes. In 2020, an additional field of study will be introduced—Multiomics, which explores the causality of the microbiota–human interaction.


We proudly invite you to celebrate the fourth Asia Microbiome Conference in 2020. Through conversations with experts and scholars, this two-day conference is sure to broaden your horizons on microbiome research. Let’s explore the world of microbiome together in 2020!