The Asia Microbiome Conference was formerly known as the “Into the Future—Microbiome Forum” in 2016

In early 2022, we were happy to have hosted the Sixth Asia Microbiome Conference (AMC). The successful holding of the event was an indication of Taiwan’s ability to maintain normality despite the serious pandemic raging around the world. It also served as a testament to the increasing attention drawn by the field of microbiome in Taiwan, which has not waned but shown increased growth year after year. The conference attracted specialists from the industrial, government, academia, research, and medical fields to participate, while over the past several years, the AMC has formally established itself as a professional exchange platform for the field of microbiome in Taiwan. During the event, experts from various realms congregated, built consensuses, and turned their attention to the tendencies of the microbiome field in the next few years so as to identify appropriate targets for further development.


The Seventh AMC will be held on Jan. 7, 2023. Once again, specialists from the field of microbiome all over the world will take part in this distinguished event. We hope to have the honor of inviting you to join with us from across the globe, as well as to exchange ideas and opinions with other attendees, thus bringing in new opportunities and growth momentum to greet the new future.


Let us together listen to the insightful opinions of specialists and explore more unlimited possibilities in the field of microbiome!