The Asia Microbiome Conference was formerly known as the “Into the Future—Microbiome Forum” in 2016

In early 2023, we once again gathered in person, and we were honored to have one of the founders of the American Gut Project, Prof. Rob Knight, a prominent international speaker, join us in Taiwan for an insightful exchange. With a record-breaking attendance of over 400 participants in a single day, the fervor for microbiome research continues to burn brightly. The 2024 Asian Microbiome Conference (AMC) is scheduled to take place on January 27, 2024 (Saturday) at the Humanities and Social Science Building(HSSB) of the Academia Sinica.

The Asia Microbiome Conference (AMC) stands as the annual academic extravaganza in the field of microbiome research in Taiwan. This year's conference is expected to bring together nearly 20 domestic experts, focusing on four major sessions: Human Microbiota, Microbiome Multiomics, Applications of Microbiome Technologies in Research and the Market, and Marine Microbiota and Sustainable Development.

Human microbiota and microbiome multiomics have consistently been among the most captivating subjects over the years. Multiomics encompasses various technologies and disciplines such as metabolomics, transcriptomics, nutrition, and so on. Emerging technologies, including the application of third-generation sequencing in microbiome research, not only have implications for research but also hold promise in the market. In this forum, apart from delving human microbiota, we aim to direct attention towards environmental and marine sustainability. We hope that through discussions on this theme, we can foster a stronger consensus on the significance of marine microbiome research. We sincerely invite you to join us on January 27, 2024, to explore the latest trends in the microbiome field alongside expert scholars.